02 October 2008


I get these little e-mails from SiteMeter telling me how many people visited this blog each week. Sometimes I'm surprised by the traffic, and I'll check my SiteMeter account to see who has been referring people to me.

This past week, I got a referral from Puppets and Stuff, an online puppet community. And this has made my day.

Sometime ago I posted a tutorial on how to make tennis ball rod puppets. Andrew of PuppetBuilding.com added the tutorial to his ever growing database of how-tos, and passed the word along to untold numbers of people online, including the denizens of Puppets and Stuff. From there a Belgium school teacher by the name of Johian found the tutorial:
"Great, I have made one to use in the classroom, now my children in the class also want to make one during the lessons of crafts... think I will have to do a lot of cutting... they are 6 years old.

"But I will do it."
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the completed tennis ball puppets made by Johian's kids:

I love how they did the hair!

This is what the internet is all about: Some weirdo in Los Angeles has an idea, he shares it with another weirdo in Canada, and before you know it, the idea has spread to school kids in Belgium! Folks, this is a great time to be a weirdo.

You can visit Johian's school online here!