19 October 2008

Stuff I See

The advent of the camera phone means that I can snap pictures whenever something interesting catches my eye, or to document an occurrence that I may want to share later. This is assuming I have bothered to charge the damn thing.

This is an oldie, but one I wanted to blog. When Pamela and I went to see John Mayer play in Irvine this year, we were pleased as punch to take in the barefoot bohemian himself, Brett Dennen. If you haven't heard his music, go to his MySpace page right now and check him out. Better yet, just buy his cd.

Above is an autographed copy of "So Much More", a cd we already own. I bought a second copy just to get his autograph. As I walked back to my seat, it occurred to me that the purpose of autographs is to cement a moment in time: I met Brett Dennen. Here is the proof. And suddenly I understand the magic that collection holds for autograph enthusiasts.

A couple of days ago, Pamela and I swung by the home of Chris Guilmet, the costume designer for Pin-Up Girls. I spotted this list on the floor, and thought it would make a fun "behind the scenes" photograph. I am fascinated by process, and the ways in which people set out to accomplish their goals.

Speaking of behind the scenes, here's a sneak look at Pamela's new burlesque number, that she's premiering tomorrow night. Can you guess what she may have in store? I bet my mom can. (Hi mom!)

Finally -- Sharpie has started making pens. This may very well be the ink pen that gets me cartooning again. We'll see!