12 October 2008

Pin-Up Girls: The Second Photo Shoot
Behind the Scenes

You can't do a play called Pin-Up Girls and not make pin-up cards of your cast!

So last Saturday, the ladies convened at the home of our costume designer Christine Guilmette for a day-long photo shoot with Chris Beyond.

And I was there, camera in hand, to give you a sneak peek!

Let's start in the dressing room, shall we?

Chris G. had a couple of racks worth of costumes waiting for the talent. But that's not all she had waiting ...

Muffins. The breakfast of champions. This is Pamela's chocolate chip muffin. I had a blueberry. Chris G. had coffee, bagels, croissants ... it was quite a spread!

Our hair and make-up artists showed up right on time, and got to work. First in the chair was Pamela.

Our photographer, Chris Beyond showed up next, bearing fliers for his next burlesque show (Peepshow Menagerie, which he co-produces with Scarlett Letter, at Bordello on November 2nd!) and a gift of "After Shakespeare Mints." (We have just closed The Tempest, after all.)

Time to get the wrinkles out of our backdrops! Chris G. converted her sewing room into a photo studio for us. It worked like a charm!

The whole gang of us, costumer, photographer, talent -- all of us -- brought in props for the shoot.

Ah, good. Pammy is in costume. Time for some picture taking!

Meanwhile, the writer and director of the show has discovered a "strumstick." Hold it like a guitar, play it like an Appalachian dulcimer, sounds like a banjo!

So there's your super-secret glimpse behind the scenes at the big Pin-Up Girls photoshoot!

Just wait until you see the pictures ...