28 January 2006

Confession time . . .

My home computer is . . . gulp . . . a Bondi Blue iMac.

I'll just wait a moment for you to stop laughing.




Okay, that's enough. You're starting to hurt my feelings.

Look: I love this crappy little computer. It's so much better than the Windows 95 hunk of junk I used to have. Also, it's pretty, and has Nanosaur.

The only problem with it is everything. I can't upgrade it . . . no expansion slots, I'm stuck with two USB ports, OS 9, etc. Pamela has to load her iPod up at work. Heck, I have to use her computer at work to do anything involving uploading or downloading! (She has a sweet HP "media center.")

I guess I'm just as stubborn and hard-headed as my grandpa Travis Moore was. I don't see the point in replacing something that works "just fine." Of course, "just fine" doesn't cut it anymore. Grandpa Moore could get away with using the same Craftsman tools his entire life. I need to upgrade my computer every couple of years -- at least!

For The Felties to work, I have to upload quality content weekly - at least!!! The field is quickly thickening out there. (Just take a look at the frequency with which Andrew at www.puppetvision.blogspot.com blogs about new videos online!) It's enough to totally introvert me!

Back when mini DV "prosumer" cameras hit the market, I recall a filmmaker (probably Robert Rodriguez or Rick Schmidt) saying "The great thing about digital is that anyone can make a movie. The bad thing is that ANYONE can make a movie." Indeed, the number of movies made in any given year is steadily on the increase. More artists are making their voices heard! (Good luck competing with all of them for attention.)

Fortunately (I hope) we have the story of the "Tortoise and the Hare." Slow and steady wins the race. Consistently putting out good content is what wins the day. Look at my heroes: "Homestar Runner" (www.homestarrunner.com) and "Glove and Boots" (www.gloveandboots.com). To put it another way, as someone far brighter than I once said, it's better to be a distant, flickering star than a shooting star. Sure, the shooting star gets more attention. The distant flickering star burns on through the eons, a comfort and an aid to travellers. Sorry to get all mystical, but I hope you get the point.

So, in sum, I need to upgrade. I need to bite the bullet, and join the 21st century. (Oh man, I'm stuck in last century. That's not good.)

So, uh . . . anyone want to loan me a few thousand dollars?

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