28 January 2006


I am currently cleaning up and finishing up the writing for "The Felties: Season One." I ran across this in my notes, and thought I'd post it here.

I can't vouce for the accuracy of these descriptions. Things change as I write, you know! But the following should give you a taste of what is in store.

(I am thinking about posting the pilot script and some of the storyboards. What do YOU think? E-mail me and let me know if I should: thefelties@sbcglobal.net.)

PILOT EPISODE: “I CAN’T STAN IT” - Pupsumoto’s dedication to Bushido and Mimey’s sanity are put to the supreme test. Stan’s apartment is being fumigated (to kill off whatever has been killing his cats) and so Stan needs a place to hang-out for a few hours. Pupsumoto is honor bound to extend shelter when requested. Mimey is unable to voice his disagreement. The boys are in for a rough night.

“FELT IS THICKER THAN WATER” - Mimey’s cousin Clownie shows up, deserted by the circus and beaten up by all who meet him. Mimey, out of a sense of familial duty invites his loser cousin to stay with him. Mimey takes this oportunity to school Clownie on the ways of the world, in a very “after school special” kind of way.

Meanwhile, Pupsumoto’s sumo wrestler cousin Cuzumoto has just arrived from Japan to break into American wrestling. Deciding that Cuzumoto is too uncouth and barbaric, Pupsumoto tries to introduce his cousin to the ways of Bushido.

Frustrated in their attempts to change their cousins, Pupsumoto and Mimey figure it’s best to push Clownie and Cuzumoto out of the nest . . .

. . . and into an empty apartment upstairs where the two co-exist in a psychotic mockery of Mimey and Pupsumoto.

“KABUKI AND DULLY, OR BEAUTY AND THE BLECH” - Pupsumoto’s sister Kabuki is in town from Japan to study cosmotology at an American school. Whoops! Pupsumoto forgot that her plane is arriving and he is honor bound to go on a blind date with Dully, Stan’s granddaughter. Mimey grudgingly agrees to “babysit” Kabuki and discovers a new found feeling: love.

On his date with Dully, Pupsumoto discovers a new feeling as well: nausea.

“PUPSUMOTO AND THE SPIDER” - Pupsumoto’s only fear crawls on eight legs . . . and it’s out to get him! Luckily, his best friend and roommate lives a double life: Mime by day, CAPTAIN ANTI-ARACHNID by night (or whenever the “Pupsumoto’s Being Attacked by a Spider” alarm goes off).

Pupsumoto’s awe of Captain Anti-Arachnid turns into obsession over the masked stranger’s true identity.

Mimey, tired of having to change into the costume takes drastic measures to rid their apartment building of spiders.

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