04 January 2006

The Felties - their design.

So, if you browse through previous posts, you'll get a pretty good idea what The Felties look like.
Or, you can look at my Flickr Felties slideshow here.

Designing these characters, I was going for simplicity. Jim Henson once said something like "Puppets are pure character." No complications: This one's a high-strung frog, that one's a sad-sack bear, that other one's a weirdo. So I decided to make very solid, strong types: The easily agitated mime, the honorable samurai, the woeful clown, the tired old man, etc.
I should add that the design choice isn't entirely an aesthetic decision. I don't want a lot of clutter in the image; these webisodes are going to be watched in tiny little windows. I want to make the viewing easy on the audiences' eyes. Also, I figure less clutter in the image means a slightly faster stream. (I'm probably wrong about that last one. I tend to be wrong when it comes to the technological side of things.)

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