30 January 2006

More Episode Summaries for . . . THE FELTIES!

Here are a few more episode summaries for you to pour over and steal ideas from!

(BTW - so far only one person has voted for me to post the pilot script and storyboards. [Thanks, Mom!] Seriously . . . I'm not going to go to the trouble unless it's wanted. Should I post the pilot script and storyboards? Email me: thefelties@sbcglobal.net.)

“SWEET CHILD O’ MIME” - Mimey sends away for a ventriloquist’s dummy. He patiently waits the six-to-eight weeks. Well, patiently for him, anyway.

Around the fourth week, the stork accidently drops off a baby at the Svelte Felt Bachelor Pad. Mimey signs for the bundle, mistaking it for his dummy.

Wackiness ensues. Mimey discovers the truth, and tries to “parent” the little munchkin. Finally, the true parents show up.

Mimey Jr.! Come back!


. . . in subtitles, of course. This makes Mimey happy. (Inspired by Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" .)

“SOFTBALL, OR THE MANOS NINE” - It is time for the annual Casa de Manos vs. The Palm softball game! This year, the Manos denizens have a secret weapon: Kabuki. She’s a world class softball coach who leads the home team to victory.

Oh - and Mimey comes up to bat three times over the course of the episode, each time using an air-prop bat. The first two times, he strikes out. The last time, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded with two outs, Mimey knocks the ball out of the park. Yes, with his air-prop bat.

“MIMEY JOINS A BAND” - The goth band that practices in the basement needs a new lead singer. They see Mimey doing laundry, and convince him to join up (he’s the palest guy they’ve ever seen.) He does so, of course not making any actual noise. The band argues about it, but decides to keep him . . . “It’s just part of his mystique!”

“NOBODY LIKES A TRADER” - A Send-up of “Wall Street” and “Boiler Room.” Pupsumoto takes on the persona of Gordon Gecko, and Mimey goes through a “Trading Places” situation. They meet up in the middle.

“CHECKMATE” - Pupsumoto and Mimey play chess. Pups puts Mimey in check. Mimey protects his king with an invisible box. This leads to an argument about whether or not air-props are allowed in chess. Pups puts an end to the discussion by cutting the invisible box in half with his sword.

“WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” - Mimey and Pupsumoto watch the Cable Music Show “Where Are They Now?” about washed-up rock star Gerry “Mad Dog” Steve. Knock-knock at the door. It’s Mad Dog and his new manager Peppto Jople (Pronounced “Pepto Yoplay.”) Mad Dog is staging a comeback, and is hocking his new CD door-to-door. Pups and Mimey resist. It just deteriorates from there. Mad Dog and Peppto refuse to give up on the sale!

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