13 January 2006

I am currently in the throes of artistic ecstasy (or is that agony?) so I haven't updated this blog in quite a few days. I have a "Tuesday's Artist" but I think I'll just do a "two-fer" next Tuesday.

Torrid Affaire is coming right along. This coming Sunday (January 15th) is the first of TWO performances. I'm shifting gears from "Bob Ross" style directing to doing run-throughs followed by notes.

"Bob Ross" style directing: Remember Bob Ross? Well, Google him. His style of painting is very interesting: Take a big brush, load it with paint, and beat the hell out of your canvas. Go back later and add fine details. "Bob Ross" style directing is where you beat the hell out of your actors, and go back and add fine details later. It's also like sculpting: remove the big parts, and go back in for the fine detail later. Get the idea? I may tell an actor to do the scene like he's King Kong. That puts in the broad, big strokes. They see how far something can be taken. When you run it again, you have them do it as per usual, but there is residual King Kong in the performance (or whatever.) You stretch out the actor, let go, and they'll settle into a routine more like what you want. THEN you go in on the detail work. "Build to this line, pause, and just let the bottom fall out."

I'm sure this is somehow applicable to directing puppeteers. No time just now to ruminate on it. Come Monday, I'll have more time to espouse such things.


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